Friday 23 April 2021
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newsday - 2 month ago

7 ways to lead during COVID-19

WE live in uncertain times where the COVID-19 continues to infect and affect people around us. Leading in uncertainty takes the sixth sense and creative intuitive abilities. Change has always been one inevitable factor, but this time it became cataclysmic. One can just hope that the vaccine works and the situation gets back to normal as soon as possible. Develop leaders If you had not trained followers to become leaders before COVID-19 hit, you might be in a bit of a problem now. When you train more leaders, those same leaders will manage their small groups, which might be hard to manage and lead especially if you lead a big organisation. Do you remember that Jesus Christ took three-and-a-half years empowering, mentoring, managing and educating his 12 disciples? These were the same men that were left spreading the gospel when Jesus had gone back to be with the Father. Delegate When you train leaders, it becomes easy to delegate tasks and roles. Don’t train leaders and never deploy them. Some leaders are afraid that if they delegate authority, they might lose their grip,  grit, and gravitas. Deftness These COVID-19 times need creativity. The situation is never normal and it seeks other means that we were not used to. As a leader, encourage and train your subordinates to be able to generate more ideas and learn non-linear thinking. Digital maximisation The internet has availed means to transmit marketing messages in three that is visually, auditory and textually. You must embrace these and use them. You might be saying I have no access to the internet. Yes, it is true. Find means to use the digital space to your advantage. The very cellphone in you palm is a great tool. Draw closer to people People seek love and they want to be loved. This is the time to show that you care. People are isolated and that leads to boredom, seclusion and even loneliness to some people. Your team members need love. The mere fact of knowing that someone is checking on you is an encouragement on its own. You can build this relationship using the aforementioned tools. Direct People are supposed to be led, not controlled, duped or manipulated. John C Maxwell says “leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.” It is said leadership touches the heart before it asks for a hand. Leadership is about caring and servanthood. Leadership is the ability to see more in people and believe that they can make a difference. All that takes a loving heart!  Jonah Nyoni is an author and motivational speaker. Contact him on +263 772 581 918

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