Tuesday 27 July 2021
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Pindula - 5 days ago

Classifieds.co.zw Launches WhatsApp Bot

Sponsored Article Zimbabwe’s leading web hosting and development company, Webdev Pvt Ltd has launched a new app, Classifieds Chat Bot which allows easy app search of products and services with numbered menu options. As costs of doing business using data in Zimbabwe continue to soar, the app enhances product accessibility using the Whatsapp Bundle instead of Data Bundles/Wifi. Launching the product, the company said that in the last few months it had been working on improving the product to ensure seamless integration between the marketplace and Whatapp which comes with a number of exciting options such as instant notification of the latest products and services ranging from Property Sales Rentals, Cars Vehicle and Building Supplies. Said Webdev “The app allows you to carry out Easy In-app Search of products and services with numbered menu options. You can find what you are looking for through your preferred simple channel of Whatsapp as well keep your data costs down. In the last few months, we have been working to improve our product/service and we believe that the chatbot will help you enjoy your experience with classifieds.co.zw even more.” To use the service, WhatsApp users can save the number (+263 8644309906) to their phone contacts, then text the word ‘Menu’ in a WhatsApp message to begin. The bot will then respond via a series of prompts, covering products and services on offer. The in-app search application is meant to ensure that one gets the product or services and also gets to communicate with the seller with the Whatsapp application. “The app will bridge the gap between sellers and buyers within the app. This complements the strong search position of classifieds.co.zw on all goods and services :(Currently #1 on major search engines that is, Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Data bundles are way expensive and therefore prohibitive when it comes to online search. Users who have saved the number (2638644309906) will also be able to check out for the latest product or service within a select category.” the firm said. Webdev runs the largest online marketplace in Zimbabwe, classifieds.co.zw.

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