Monday 30 March 2020
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newsday - 13 days ago

AMHVoices: Objection to illegal OH land seizure

I AM a former Prince Edward School boy and I was a member of the Old Hararians Association which I shall refer to as Old Hararians Sports Club (OH). By Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi, Our Reader It has been brought to my attention that the local authority is parcelling out the piece of land that is run by OH for some funny illegal development. This is an institution that was created in 1900, its role was to be an after “school” facility for those students who would have left school and would continue their sports activities at the club. As a community, this facility is where we go for sporting activities and I hereby object to the changes that are being proposed. OH has a lease agreement that runs from September 2016 to September 2044 and according to the Urban and Council Act, seizure and change of an institution that is under lease is illegal. The City of Harare has done the same to Sherwood Golf Club, Mount Pleasant Golf Club and Highlands Sport Club. As a resident, a member of OH and a former Prince Edward School student, I will not allow this kind of criminality to happen in my community. I call upon the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, President of Zimbabwe, the Local Government ministry, Members of Parliament, councillors, residents, current and former Prince Edward boys and members of OH to immediately stop this illegal OH seizure from happening. The post AMHVoices: Objection to illegal OH land seizure appeared first on NewsDay Zimbabwe.

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